How to Say Yes with Class, Confidence and Care


Saying yes can be just as dangerous or as difficult as saying no. When you are presented with a question, an opportunity, and even an ultimatum, you are always in control of your yes and your no. Taking ownership of your boundaries is essential to living the balanced life you want for yourself. Read through my top five tips to say yes with class, confidence, and care.

  • The moment you feel you must say yes, is usually when you need to say no.
    A mentor once told me that the moment you feel compelled, guilted, shamed, or otherwise emotionally manipulated into giving a yes is a clear indication you need to say no. Don’t give your time, power, or energy into people, places and/or missions t...

How to Keep Your Boundaries Through the Holidays


Copyright: Photo © Michael Goldman

Can we be honest for a second, and acknowledge that just because the holidays are rolling around, doesn’t mean that everything in our families is going to become Hallmark-card (or movie!) worthy?

You know better.

Whether it’s a toxic parent, an addicted relative, or all-around lurking drama mama (or drama king!), we all have those relatives.

Did you hear that?

We ALL have one or two (or more) of those relatives.

There is no perfect family, family, and if they look perfect, you better check you’re not in a Jordan Peele Get Out type scenario - because there’s some fake and toxic nastiness under all that flash.

Okay, now that we kn...