Balancing Act


Are you trying to live up to being Superwoman?

Do you often feel like there are not enough hours in the day?

Is your to-do list constantly growing with no end in sight?

Do you find it challenging to prioritize your day?

Are you saying “yes” to everyone but yourself?

For years I found myself trying to find my footing on the balance beam of life.  I was wearing so many different hats, it felt like I was the juggling act in a circus. Even though on the surface, it looked like I had it all together but in reality, I was drowning and in desperate need of a life jacket. Finally, I realized that balance was not something I could achieve on my own. The first thing I had to do was examine my relationship with God.



This workbook is designed to help you stay on the “Balance Beam of Life” through a set of healthy and streamlined principles that are centered on a Godly approach. Not only will you be able to apply them immediately, you will also find that on your journey to establishing a balanced lifestyle, these principles will help you thrive spiritually, mentally, and physically.

  • Determine if you are in balance or simply juggling
  • Recognize your ideal balance state
  • Identify barriers to you being in balanced
  • Learn how to leverage the help of others


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